I am Mikaela (Mikey) LaFave and I am a writer, researcher, and PhD candidate. I writes about nature, film and theatre, and horror. I have also worked in public and private archives and have a love for metadata and Dublin Core.

As a PhD Candidate in the University of Georgia Department of English, I am interested in investigating the changing attitudes towards natural versus urban space in the late Medieval to Early Modern periods using ecocritical theory and methodology.

My work in archives has allowed me to process collections, write Finding Aids, and use programs like Archive Space and Archive It as well as interact with the public, go on acquisition trips, and be a public face for the archive.

To see all of my work and projects, take a peek around my website. Contact me for my full CV! My current thoughts will be on my blog. You can also follow me at any of the links found below. Beyond my work, you’ll find me at my local indie theatre or at the best trivia night I can find!

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